Brand Accelerator – Frequently Asked Questions

What types of companies do you like to invest in?

We are looking for food and beverage entrepreneurs who:

  1. Have a great product with some market validation in retail or in direct to consumer, along with a clear point of differentiation. Categories such as “better for you,” “free from” or with functional ingredients are particularly appealing.
  2. Want a partner and are eager to learn and grow.
  3. Can leverage the supply chain expertise of our partner company, Bridgewell Agribusiness.
  4. Have a clear path to profitability within 2 years.

Does my food business need to be in Oregon for you to partner with?

No.  We have relationships all over the United States, but we do have a priority on supporting local entrepreneurs.

How long has L2M been investing in food and beverage companies?

Pat McCauley and Martin McClanan have been advising food entrepreneurs for years. However, these efforts gained more structure in 2018 and then were formalized as a new entity (L2M) in the Fall of 2019.

What is the best way to connect to your business accelerators?

Go to the Work with Us page.  Let us know a little bit about your business and what type of partner you are looking for.  We like knowing entrepreneurs and want to be helpful if we can.