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L2M Announces Strategic Partnership and Investment in Other Foods



Portland, OR (June 15, 2020) – Launch-2-Market Brand Accelerator (L2M) is pleased to announce a strategic partnership and investment with Other Foods.  The investment will fund expansion of Other Foods into natural-foods retailers and direct-to-consumer channels.


As a strategic partner, L2M will support Other Foods with procurement, production, and other back office capabilities to accelerate their growth.


“We are enthusiastic about Phoebe Smith Buls’ vision for gluten-free paleo-friendly baking products that give paleo eaters a way to enjoy the comfort and pleasure of baked goods again.”, says Martin McClanan, Managing Director of L2M. “Phoebe is deeply invested and a true expert in recipes that are both delicious and address the concerns of paleo and gluten-free consumers.”


“When I first started Other Foods, I was surprised by how complicated and layered the industry is (and I’ve operated a restaurant and a retail store). I realized that I needed help with the heavy lifting of the CPG world. I am so grateful to have found L2M! Now Other Foods has a chance to get some volume, which we all know is what it’s all about.”


According to Whole Foods, one of their top 10 trends in their stores for 2020 is the rise of alternative flours.  Additionally, multiple surveys estimate 5-8% of Americans choose paleo and as many as 20% prioritize gluten free eating.


About Launch-2-Market Brand Accelerator


Based in the Portland, OR area, L2M partners and invests in promising food and beverage entrepreneurs to grow and accelerate their path to profitability.  L2M believes that smart ingredient procurement allows entrepreneurs to grow faster by making their products efficiently and effectively from the beginning. Also, L2M often provides back office support so that entrepreneurs can spend more time innovating and working with their customers.


Martin McClanan

Managing Director

L2M Brand Accelerator



About Other Foods

Founded in 2017, Other Foods is a woman owned business dedicated to giving consumers easy ways bake at home and free from gluten, grains, soy, corn, gums, nightshades and refined sugar. Phoebe Smith Buls, The Founder and CEO has worked hard to make baking with alternative ingredients simple and intuitive, and to ensure that the baked goods provide familiar flavor and texture.


Other Foods offers 6 baking mixes. Pancake & Waffle Mix, Banana Bread & Muffin Mix, and Sandwich Bread Mix each make a loaf that slices and toasts beautifully. After school or teatime is perfect for Pumpkin Bread or Muffins. Almond Bread is delicious and dairy-free (and keto: only 3g net carbs per serving!). Brownie Cake is chocolatey enough for any dessert. All the items are both Gluten-Free and Kosher Certified.


Other Foods products are available at Market of Choice in Portland, OR, Amazon and from the company’s website.


Phoebe grew up a hippie child in the woods in the Pacific Northwest in the seventies, and every Wednesday her mama would put down the hand-dyed yarn and make fresh bread in their wood-fired oven; the warm, fragrant homemade bread was a treasured part of family life, and Phoebe grew to love baking for her own family. But after the birth of her second child and too many antibiotics, health issues forced Phoebe to reconsider her diet; removing gluten helped, but dropping grains altogether became a key to her health comeback. The quest for homemade bread without grain, but WITH the flavor and texture that make comfort food sing, put Phoebe on a path of experimentation that led to Other Foods.



Phoebe Buls



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