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Swiss Rösti Partners with L2M Brand Accelerator


Partnership to Fuel Continued U.S. Growth


PORTLAND, Ore., November 7th — Swiss Rösti, the Portland-based maker of delicious Rösti Crispy Filled Potatoes is pleased to announce that it is now an integrated partner with Launch 2 Market (L2M) Brand Accelerator headquartered in Clackamas, Ore.  With this partnership, Swiss Rösti receives the capital and resources to meet the rapidly growing demand for its products as the brand expands nationwide.


“As a young company, we feel privileged to partner with the resources and expertise that come with an L2M partnership”, said Stephen Caldwell, Founder of Swiss Rösti.  “As national retailers and foodservice operators begin featuring our product, they can be confident they have a partner that can scale with their needs.”


Rösti currently offers three crispy filled potato flavors for its initial U.S. market launch. They are Melty Swiss Raclette, filled with imported swiss raclette cheese known for its appetizing melting qualities; Zesty Chili Cheese, filled with garbanzo beans, sharp cheddar cheese, red peppers, poblano peppers and spices; and Stuffed Baked Potato, filled with sour cream, cream cheese and chives. Each three bite Rösti is 100 calories or less, gluten free, non-GMO and low cholesterol.


“We are incredibly excited to partner with Stephen Caldwell and the rest of the Rösti team to see this brand reach it’s significant potential,” said Martin McClanan, L2M’s Managing Director. “There are few products we’ve seen that have garnered so much momentum so quickly.  We believe the combination of incredible taste, low calories, vegetarian and gluten free will make this product a great fit for most parts of the food business. Rösti is a true category creator.” Swiss Rösti is currently featured on QVC, which has built an audience nationally in just the first few months of business. Look for Rösti at, select Whole Foods, Central Markets, Market of Choice, QFC and many other retailers.


Based in Portland, Oregon, Swiss Rösti is a rapidly growing company founded by Stephen & Lory Caldwell in 2017.  The company is focused on marketing good-for-you products that satisfy consumers demand for convenient, great tasting and approachable foods that fit well with today’s busy active lifestyles.  The traditional Swiss Rösti originated in Bern, Switzerland in the early 1800’s as peasant food bringing families around the table to enjoy simple and delicious meals together.  Stephen & Lory have been perfecting a delicious representation of the crispy filled potato with a more modern sensibility to enjoy around their own table for years and launched Swiss Rösti to share their family’s favorites with other families everywhere.


Swiss Meets West!

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The L2M brand accelerator was formed in 2017 to accelerate the growth of promising food and beverage entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest. The business is headquartered in Clackamas, OR, a vibrant food community in the Portland, OR area.


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